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Data, Data, Everywhere: Critical Cyber Security Updates for 2018

In a recent NPR podcast entitled, “Your Cell Phone’s A Snitch,” we hear a story which,  in many ways, is ...
Businessman using wireless mouse.

The Internet-of-Things May Be New, But the Legal Processes Remain the Same

Just when eDiscovery specialists have gotten a handle on the more common forms of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), ...
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You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel Just to Place a Legal Hold

We’ve all done it: when accomplishing some task that we take for granted -- like cooking a meal or driving ...
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Bringing E-Discovery In-House Makes Perfect Sense! (But Only If You Invest In Training and Tools)

People like doing things themselves: it gives them more control on timelines, outcomes, and costs. And if you ...
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E-Discovery Continues to Open New Paths for Legal Professionals On a Non-Traditional Education Path

At Relativity Fest ’17, held last week in Chicago, I attended a panel on the future of preparing ...