10 Great Quotes in Honor of the Honorable Andrew Peck’s Retirement

Extract from Tim Rollins’ article “10 Great Quotes in Honor of the Honorable Andrew Peck’s Retirement”

Perhaps because of the nature of their position, and the requirement of laying out their reasoning in writing, judges’ words live on their rulings. While few would question that the substance of their rulings is what truly matters, many judges have been famous for not just the wisdom of their rulings, but also for their cutting clarity. Only two years ago, on the occasion of his passing, more than one news outlet compiled a list of Hon. Antonin Scalia’s most famous (and scathing) opinions. (Full disclosure, my favorite is, “Interior decorating is a rock hard science compared to psychology practiced by amateurs.”)

In e-discovery, with approximately 15 years of case rulings essentially defining the field, a handful of legal minds have played outsized roles in shaping the field, and few can claim to be as outspoken as Hon. Andrew Peck, U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of New York. Now, if you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re familiar with Judge Peck. He has issued several landmark rulings in e-discovery, rulings notable not just for the way they’ve laid the groundwork for e-discovery practice, but also for the sharpness of their words.

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