The Definitive E-Discovery Buyer’s Guide

As the world’s leading organization for training and certification in e-discovery, ACEDS strives to provide actionable resources to its members and the broader legal community. With this buyer’s guide, compiled over several months and including the products and services of more than 30 companies, we offer to the industry a definitive guide for identifying and evaluating technology solutions and services available in e-discovery.

ACEDS’ Definitive E-Discovery Buyer’s Guide is a factual, neutral presentation of e-discovery products and professional services options that are available to consumers. It should serve as a starting point for consumers of technology products to begin their evaluation and purchase journey. These are not product reviews or assessments; just an honest, unbiased digest of products and services, designed to educate buyers, enable them to make informed purchase decisions, and hopefully inspire them to make a purchase.

The Definitive E-Discovery Buyer’s Guide is organized by categories that are relevant to consumers in the e-discovery space.