About Us

What is ACEDS?


ACEDS is a global professional association for individuals and organizations in the private and public sector who work in the fields of e-discovery, information governance, compliance, and the broader legal community. ACEDS provides training, certification and professional development courses in e-discovery and related disciplines to law firms, corporate legal departments, service providers, the government, and institutions of higher learning.

ACEDS is a division of The BARBRI Group, a global legal education company that provides legal and professional development training and education to students, lawyers and other legal professionals.


The Purpose

The purpose of ACEDS is to build a community of professionals for the exchange of ideas, guidance and the development of best practices in e-discovery and related disciplines, and to offer training and the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) certification and other educational initiatives. As an autonomous association that develops its educational offerings and services for the benefit of its members and potential members, ACEDS operates on the principle that the CEDS certification, training, continuing education, and networking will be instrumental to member success in the legal community.

The purposes of ACEDS are:

  • to build a member-based community of professionals and create a forum for the exchange of ideas, guidance and the development of best practices in e-discovery and related disciplines;
  • to foster professionalism, contribute to and advance the quality of education and management in e-discovery and related disciplines;
  • to promote and advance a unifying influence in the advancement of technology in the legal profession;
  • to identify and promote the fundamental skills, knowledge and talents required and advance the body of knowledge for managing e-discovery projects;
  • to collaborate with universities and other educational institutions, law firms, corporations and governments to encourage education and career development in e-discovery and legal technology;
  • to seek and foster contact and cooperation with other organizations and associations which relate to e-discovery and legal technology and to collaborate in matters of common interest and benefit;
  • to develop, foster and maintain professional practices, fair and ethical conduct, and sound credentialing standards and principles; and
  • to offer e-discovery training, certification and other educational initiatives in related disciplines.

The Mission

The mission of ACEDS is to help professionals and students working in or entering the legal community to improve and certify their e-discovery knowledge and skill, increase their technical competence, advance their careers and create opportunities to increase their contacts in e-discovery and related fields. ACEDS accomplishes this mission by providing:

  • Live and online training and education through classes, workshops, seminars, webinars and presentations;
  • The Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) certification, which meets the highest levels of integrity, professional standards and competency assessment;
  • The E-Discovery Executive Certificate (eDEx) Course for those new to the e-discovery community;
  • News, scholarship, information and analysis from our members and partners; and
    Community-building through in-person and online events providing networking opportunities through regional and local