"Education (and re-education), will be a critical consideration and expenditure for mobilizing a career and retaining staff over the next several years in eDiscovery and cybersecurity. ACEDS (The Association of E-Discovery Specialists), a BARBRI company, is a non-tool specific educational certification program, and is widely accepted as the only eDiscovery educational foundation."

— Jared Coseglia, CEO, TRU Staffing Partners

"ACEDS’ certification is a tremendous asset to us. In my opinion, this certification indicates a level of legal competence that is truly needed in the eDiscovery world. Legal professionals want to know that the person(s) on the other end of that often times last-minute call understands the legal landscape and the realities of the world in which a legal professional works."

— Phillip Hearn, eDiscovery Manager, Lexbe

"You will feel like you really earned it when you come out of a hard exam and achieve positive results."

— John Fischer PMP, Esq., MBA, Relativity Expert, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

"I joined ACEDS, as I was most impressed with it, and have also found its website to be an excellent resource."

— James E. Gordon, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting Asia, Ltd.

“Providing powerful educational content to the market is a huge part of our overall content marketing strategy at XDD.”

— Bob Lorum, VP of Marketing, Xact Data Discovery

"Once you get certified, you have to continue to learn and keep current, earning the right to stay certified."

— Dana Moore, CEDS, IGP, Vedder Price P.C.

"I love it. Excellent source of up-to-date information."

— Karen Swift, Litigation Support Paralegal, Ni Source

"I PASSED my CEDS exam!! Now we do the dance of joy!"

— Erika Kilborn, Trainer/Technical Writer, AxiomSL

"Before I earned my CEDS certification, I frequently relied on my manager for advice on the best approach for completing the attorneys’ requests.” Xavier goes on to attribute his CEDS training to assisting in “getting a $1.1 billion lawsuit dismissed” and “winning a pro-bono dispute against a multi-million-dollar corporation."

— Xavier Paredes, Project Specialist, Paul Hastings LLP

"The CEDS credential is the gold standard. It not only certifies that our attorneys have met an objective level for mastery of all phases of e-discovery, but it also signals to our clients and our attorneys that we are invested in the long-term growth and development of our team."

— David Tanenholz, Managing Partner, Tanenolz & Associates PLLC

“The cloud is making discovery faster, more efficient, and more dynamic for lawyers all over the world. We’re proud to join with ACEDS in defining best practices, setting standards and raising awareness of this rapidly changing sector of legal technology.”

— AJ Shankar, CEO, EverLaw

"We are proud of our Project Management team for achieving the CEDS designation, which will have a positive impact for our clients. HCMC's partnership with ACEDS reflects our strong commitment to the education and success of our workforce."

— Joseph Scotto, VP of Human Resources, HCMC Legal

"The point of certification is not just to have letters after your name. It demonstrates that you identify with a community that finds your experiences valuable."

— James Sherer CEDS, IGP, FIP, CIP, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM, Esq., MBA, FABF, Baker & Hostetler LLP

"As a trial lawyer, day-to-day information processing is daunting for my client service. I’ve come to rely on ACEDS to keep me on the ‘edge’ of the curve on e-discovery. It’s a source I ‘ping’ ASAP."

— Gary Price, Partner, Lewis Kappes

"I’ve been a Lit Support/E-Discovery Specialist for 13 years and am good at what I do - and I just got my CEDS. I was hesitant about the certification for, close to a year, money and time were my biggest concerns. But after becoming a member and using the tools @ACEDS, not only did I get my certification, but so much more knowledge and the opportunity to learn more. The money and time I invested were well spent. I am very proud to be able to put 'CEDS' after my name. I am thankful to ACEDS. E-DISCOVERY needs ACEDS!"

— Tim Raudabaugh, Senior E-Discovery Specialist, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC

"I wanted a certification that separates me from my peers. Upon discovering CEDS, I was convinced this was exactly the type of distinction I had been seeking. Since achieving CEDS certification, I've noticed immediate recognition from my organization, colleagues, and current and prospective clients. They acknowledge they are more comfortable working with a person who has taken time to seek such certification. CEDS has certainly been worth the small investment and should continue to beget returns for years and years to come."

— Andrew Bayer, CEDS, Teris

"The CEDS certification has been a differentiator for our team, as an extension of our clients' team. We have better structured discussions around eDiscovery issues while talking the same language, resulting in better outcomes. We are positioned to tackle a wider variety of challenges, and our teams feel enabled."

— David A. Greetham, Vice President of eDiscovery Sales and Operations, RICOH Legal