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International eDiscovery Executive Certificate

With the International eDiscovery Executive Certificate (eDEx) Program, legal professionals — from students to paralegals, lawyers, IT professionals, and legal executives — will gain knowledge of e-discovery and e-disclosure concepts and principles that are applicable across the global legal industry in business disputes and legal matters.

This online, self-paced foundational e-discovery course responds to the global demand for e-discovery education. The International eDEx is ideal for individuals and teams who are new to e-discovery or who work in specific areas and are interested in a broader understanding of the entire e-discovery project lifecycle.

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Why Enroll in the International eDEx Program

With the increased globalization of commerce, legal practice, and privacy, it has become essential that business and legal professionals understand how to manage electronically stored information (ESI). Discovery and disclosure in legal practice have become e-discovery or e-disclosure because the volume and variety of ESI have increased exponentially at the same time that regulation, rules, and court mandates have expanded.

Internationally, e-disclosure is on the rise for litigation, for regulatory matters, and for internal investigations. There's been an increase in the use of e-discovery processes, software, and services in the European Union, throughout APAC, Latin America, and the UK and Ireland. Many legal, business, and technical professionals understand part, but not all, of the processes involved in the e-discovery lifecycle, and many organizations have new entrants to the field of legal technology who need a foundation to support onboarding when hired.

The International eDEx aims to help international practitioners manage the costs and risks associated with e-discovery, while at the same time keeping them abreast of industry-recognized standards of practice. Legal professionals at all levels, including sales and marketing professionals, need the International eDEx training program to ensure successful outcomes for stakeholders and their clients.

This training, which includes a one-year membership with ACEDS, as well as access to additional BARBRI Professional Education resources, provides an experiential learning opportunity for broadening your knowledge of the e-discovery process.



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  • 12+ hours of online, interactive training that allows you to learn at your own pace
  • 12 CEDS credits upon completion for use towards earning the CEDS Certification
  • Topics include international discovery, project planning, budgeting, information governance, and collection, processing, review and production
  • A comprehensive open assessment exam to reinforce learning objectives
  • Course developed by professional instructional designers following well-established industry guidelines
Subjects Covered
CEDS Credit
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What Our Customers Say

I found the course to be extremely helpful and detailed. It provided a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and covered all the essential topics in depth. The materials and resources provided were also valuable and enhanced my understanding. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a thorough and informative learning experience.

Diya Banerjee
Legal Associate, Legal Outsourcing 2.0

“As a consultant at a service provider, it was useful to gain insight into the 'pre-service provider' processes happening in-house. The course materials are clear, well-structured, and use repetition to good effect to bring home the major points at each stage of the e-discovery process.”

Tina Kloiber
Senior Consultant, Sky Discovery (Australia)

I found the course to be exceptionally helpful and informative. The content was well-structured and delivered in a clear and engaging manner. The materials and resources provided were also valuable and enhanced my understanding. The subject matter was thoroughly taught and covered all topics with flowcharts making it enjoyable to learn. I appreciated the practical insights and real-world examples that were provided, as they enhanced my understanding and application of the material. Overall, it was a valuable learning experience, and I feel more confident in the subject matter after completing the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking forward to expanding their knowledge on the said subject.

Zoya Khanum
Legal Associate, Legal Outsourcing 2.0