ACEDS Team Training

Team training strengthens cohesion, allows for faster onboarding, and
improves retention. Develop a team that understands e-discovery, end-to-end.

  • Verify Your Teams Skills and Knowledge;
  • Provide a Common Language Across Teams;
  • Invest in Your Team & Organization’s Efficiency

Build Proficiency Across the E-Discovery Landscape

With the ethical spotlight increasingly shining on technical competence, legal leaders are seeking a fundamental understanding of the complexities of e-discovery and what’s required to collect, process, and review electronic data. ACEDS group training programs help you develop a team that understands e-discovery, end to end. Start where you are today to cultivate a team proficient in advanced principles that streamline discovery operations and reduce litigation risk and cost.

An investment in your team’s efficiency is an investment in your organization’s efficiency. Our virtual and live group training programs:

Facilitate Faster Employee On-Boarding

Employees that are trained on e-discovery topics, such as project planning, litigation hold implementation, data culling, collection, review, and ethics, will hit the ground running.

Demonstrate Commitment

Show your organization’s dedication to defensible e-discovery methods and quality personnel by training and certifying your entire team.

Improve Collaboration, Communication, and Decision-Making

Training an entire team drives consistent learning and strengthens cohesion. Everyone gets the same information at the same time, enhancing how your organization handles e-discovery issues.

Optimize the Training Process

Train teams quickly, during the optimal hours of the day and time of year for your business, and select the best course design for employee success.

Maximize Training Budgets

Team training packages are more cost-effective than certifying individuals separately.

Differentiate & Stand Out

Upon completion of team training, employees have the opportunity to certify as Certified E-Discovery Specialists (CEDS) or earn beneficial certifications. The CEDS credential is the trusted global indicator of e-discovery competence, and our certifications verify foundational e-discovery knowledge across the EDRM.

CEDS Certification Badge

Stand Out and Differentiate

Upon completion of team training, employees have the opportunity to certify as a Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) or earn our eDiscovery Executive certificate (eDEx). The CEDS credential is the trusted global indicator of e-discovery competence and the eDEx certificate verifies foundational e-discovery knowledge across the EDRM. Employees can share and validate their foundational knowledge (eDEx) or their applied knowledge (CEDS) with the included digital badges upon completion of each program.

Learn how the CEDS Certification delivered instant credibility and better case outcomes for a New York E-Discovery firm

ACEDS Team Training Brochure

Fill out the form to download our team training brochure. If you are interested in our custom team training programs, including information about live instruction, onsite or virtual, please reach out to [email protected].