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Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court: The Story of the Luddites

The Luddites were a secret oath-based organization of English textile workers in the 19th century, a radical faction ...
James Bickley

The Power of Proactive E-Discovery

Ari Kaplan interviews James Bickley, managing director at Ankura Consulting and ACEDS advisory board member, about how e-discovery ...
Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court: Simplifying eDiscovery with AI

hroughout the eDiscovery process there are critical moments where mishandled data or sloppy analysis could derail the entire ...

Business Considerations for COVID Era Workplaces Related to Employment Law and eDiscovery

With the outbreak of COVID-19, all have been impacted, particularly in the workplace.  Many have been furloughed or ...
Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court: Remote Managed Document Review

Covid-19 has forced eDiscovery service providers (SP) to solve data security challenges whilst employees work from remote locations ...
Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court: Data, Time, and AI in the M&A Process

Whatever the type of M&A transaction, there is always the possibility that information may slip through the cracks. ...
eDiscovery Assistant ACEDS Partnership

ACEDS Welcomes eDiscovery Assistant as Affinity Partner

October 28, 2020– EAGAN, Minn. – The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), the world’s premier e-discovery training and certification ...

How to Identify Your Organization’s eDiscovery Architect

Often times we get caught up on material price (or line item pricing) and projects become penny-wise and ...
Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court: Profit & Loss: Monetizing your Legal Data

Litigation for the claimant is money to be won. This is the strongest business case for improving legal ...

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