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What is Document Review

Technocat Tidbits: What is Document Review for eDiscovery?

What is Document Review for eDiscovery? Let’s dive into the captivating realm of Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) document review! ...
Creating Data with AI

Algorithms, Bots, and Creating Data with AI

Global Advisory Board Chair Ari Kaplan, a legal industry analyst and principal of Ari Kaplan Advisors, moderated a ...
technocat tidbit on Litigation Hold

Technocat Tidbits: What is Litigation Hold?

Hey there, data detectives! It's TechnoCat, Cat Casey, back with a critical concept that underpins the whole eDiscovery ...
information governance program

How To Assess Your Information Governance Program

eDiscovery professionals are information professionals and vital to that broader community. Working within the broader context of your ...
digital ediscovery

Technocat Tidbits: What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery is like the detective work of the legal world. Turning the mountain of ones and zeros of ...
ILTA Litigation Support Survey

ILTA’s 2023 Litigation and Practice Support Survey Has Launched

The annual litigation and practice support survey is designed by ILTA staff and volunteers (I’m thrilled to be ...
cell phone with communication icons

Say What? 5 Ways to Improve Your eDiscovery Communication (And a Case Study)!

Every single day, we make phone calls, offer input during meetings, write emails, and send texts. More than ...
ethics of ai

The Ethics of AI: A Conversation with ACEDS Advisory Board Member Maura Grossman

In a powerful interview with Gulan Media, Professor Maura R. Grossman, who sits on the ACEDS Advisory Board, ...
e-discovery for legal professionals

Unlocking Career Advancement: Why Professionals in Legal Roles Should Get E-Discovery Certified

In our previous article, we introduced the ACEDS Summer Sale. We highlighted the benefits of joining ACEDS, enrolling ...