Lauren Maschio, Nexidia: Ventana Report Finds AI’s Greatest Impact in Contact Center Is On Agent Performance

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Extract from Lauren Maschino’s article “Ventana Report Finds AI’s Greatest Impact in Contact Center Is On Agent Performance”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption in the contact center has lagged behind the rest of the enterprise, in large part due to its mission-critical operations. When AI has been adopted—many times due to a push from other departments, like sales and marketing—usage has largely focused on finding ways to manage costs and time.

Today, however, use of AI in the contact center “has made the journey from novelty to necessity,” according to a report released recently by Ventana Research. The report, “The Contact Center and AI,” explains that adoption is increasing because vendors have embedded AI processes deeply into their customer experience platforms.

Giving people ways to use AI without having to bear the burden of understanding how to program or train complex models has made all the difference, the report’s authors assert: “So much more is possible, across the enterprise, using new or underutilized data sources from the contact center. The missing element is now available: artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML), which have entered the contact center conversation in a powerful way.”

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