A Roundup of Reactions to the Proposed New Disclosure Rule

Extract from Chris Dale’s article “A roundup of reactions to the proposed new disclosure rule”

I wrote here about a helpful presentation, under the auspices of ACEDS and moderated by Vince Neicho of Integreon, about the proposed new disclosure rule. Since then, the date has passed for representations to the working party and it is helpful, perhaps, to gather some of the comments together.

Legal IT Insider has published comments from Vince Neicho and from independent consultant Jonathan Maas of the Maas Consulting Group. The comments from ILTA (the International Legal Technology Association) are published here. I draw on my own submissions for this article as well as a warning from the Law Society.

A better understanding of the basics
All of us stress the need for a better understanding by lawyers and judges of the basics of electronic disclosure both in preparation for the pilot and case by case.

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