ACEDS and Altumatim Collaborate

ACEDS and Altumatim Collaborate to Advance AI Education in Legal Landscape

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September 7, 2023 Dallas, TX The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), the world’s leading organization for training and certification in e-discovery and part of The BARBRI Group of legal education companies, today announced a strategic partnership with Altumatim. This collaboration is poised to drive educational initiatives that leverage AI technology to enhance litigation and investigations, enabling legal professionals to more effectively craft compelling narratives for their cases.

The partnership between ACEDS and Altumatim is rooted in a shared commitment to advancing legal technology education. Altumatim’s expertise in AI and ACEDS’ legacy in e-discovery education converge to create a powerful synergy that will enhance legal professionals’ ability to utilize AI in an ethical and responsible manner.

“This partnership reflects our dedication to equipping our members and legal professionals in general with the knowledge needed to navigate the evolving legal landscape,” says Mike Quartararo, President at ACEDS. “Through collaboration with Altumatim, we aim to educate, to demystify AI, and to empower legal teams to harness technology to meet their discovery obligations.”

Altumatim’s forward-thinking approach aligns seamlessly with ACEDS’ mission to advance e-discovery education. Through this partnership, ACEDS and Altumatim will facilitate educational programs, workshops, and webinars to illuminate how lawyers and other legal professionals can harness AI to uncover crucial insights and build compelling narratives for legal matters.

“Altumatim is delighted to join hands with ACEDS to bridge the gap between legal practice and cutting-edge technology,” says David Gaskey, Co-founder and CEO at Altumatim. “Through our cooperative efforts, we intend to educate legal professionals to better understand how AI and its use meet the complex challenges they face in an increasingly digital world.”

As AI becomes increasingly integral to legal practice, ACEDS and Altumatim aim to ensure that practitioners can confidently navigate AI tools to enhance the quality, efficiency, and strategic impact of the work product and services they provide their clients.

“ACEDS has always been at the forefront of providing education that empowers legal professionals,” adds Quartararo. “By partnering with Altumatim, we are extending our commitment to ensuring that the legal community has the knowledge and the tools they need to thrive in an AI-driven world.”

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About Altumatim

Altumatim is a cutting-edge technology company that develops legal and investigatory solutions. With an official launch in 2022, by intellectual property attorney David Gaskey and data scientist Vasudeva Mahavishnu, Altumatim provides high-quality and innovative technology to assist legal professionals and investigators in achieving the best results in their matters.

Powered by Attorney Intelligence™, Altumatim is an all-in-one platform for investigations and discovery that seamlessly integrates complex technology into a user experience that is natural and enjoyable. Altumatim’s patent-pending AI technology, embedded in every phase of the platform, learns from the user and quickly cuts through the noise and brings the most important information to the surface.

Law firms, corporations, and government agencies trust their matters with Altumatim. For more information about Altumatim, visit our website at or follow us on LinkedIn.


The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), part of leading legal education provider BARBRI, is the world’s leading organization for training and certification in e-discovery, information governance, and related disciplines. ACEDS provides training to corporate legal departments, law firms, the government, service providers, and to institutions of higher learning. Our flagship CEDS certification is recognized around the world and used to verify skills and competence in electronic discovery for organizations and individuals through training, certification, and continuing education.

The CEDS credential is held by legal professionals at the largest Fortune 500 companies, Am Law 200 firms, and government agencies. ACEDS has 30 chapters in most major US cities, Canada, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Australia. Our goal is to help professionals and organizations reduce the costs and risks associated with e-discovery while helping to improve and verify their skills and advance their careers and overall technology competence in e-discovery and related fields.

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