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ACEDS Is Not Shutdown: You Are More Than Your Job

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While hoping for a speedy resolution, ACEDS will be supporting our members and the greater community as it copes with the disruption in government funding. Not only our government compatriots, but also businesses that support the government, or respond to government requests will be gifted with free time and challenged by finances.

ACEDS offers a Members-In-Transition Program for members and CEDS in situations like this. We have proactively extended memberships and certifications for our government members for one year to recover. As last year’s disaster survivors call in to renew, we have offered that option for those requesting.

ACEDS also offers hardship waivers for membership, for non-members who are unemployed. This allows access to our archive of educational content. Almost all of our ACEDS Chapters welcome non-members for networking and programming. Look for the ACEDS Ambassador to introduce you around. If you are in the NYC tri-state area, come see us at LTNY.

Some personal advice from someone who grew up in a town that experienced many, many years of strikes, layoffs and shutdowns:

  1. Deferred maintenance. My steelworker friends would fix the roof, paint the bathroom, plant the garden, change the oil and other tasks on the back burner. Upgrade your operating system, cancel recurring charges, clean out the cobwebs.
  2. Self-care. This is a great time to get in to the doctor for preventative maintenance on yourself. Get up at your regular time, and day nap to catch up on sleep.
  3. Sustain. Assess your food stores and locate food banks. Volunteer if you have enough for now.
  4. Connect. Make a list of people who have helped you in the past and call and thank them. Reconnect with family. Spend physical in-person time with friends and family members. Look for your local chapters of ACEDS and other organizations. Go to church. Go to activities you were too busy to even consider. Make social media squad goals and reach out to your ACEDS community. Kaylee and I will connect with you as will your chapter and community.
  5. Finances. Besides the couch cushions, sources of income include loans from 401K’s, tax free unless you are terminated or leave your job. Zero % credit offers go into 2020 for 2-5% transaction charges. Just make sure you auto-pay it a month before it expires so you are not tempted to let it slide. Life insurance sometimes offers no credit check loans. Call your creditors, stack rank them afterward to avoid credit dings. Check your employment documents for what you can do without violating them. Consulting? Project work? Gig economy?
  6. Gratitude. Give back. Take your best skill set and volunteer. Babysit for someone who needs it. Drive someone to the doctor.
  7. Stay hopeful. Surround yourself with people who reflect back to you, your best self. Dig deep into your spirituality and reconnect with nature. Your work is important, no matter what your compensation is. You are so much more than your job.
  8. Back to ACEDS. We’ve introduced a new certificate program, the eDiscovery Executive Certificate Program (eDEx). There are four webinars we have made available to the public at no charge. Three are also eligible for Relativity RCE credits that are part of the program. Get a free jumpstart. Let us know how we can support you.

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