ACEDS New Digital Badge Aims to End E-Discovery Credential Fraud by Frank Ready

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “ACEDS New Digital Badge Aims to End E-Discovery Credential Fraud”

Showing off has never been easier. The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) has released a new digital certification badge that members can use to have their credentials validated with a single click to their social media pages, online résumé or signature line.

ACEDS created the badge in partnership with credentials solutions developer Credly Acclaim. It was developed as a tool that could be used to prevent fraud or remind people that their certifications won’t renew themselves.

“We’ve had feedback from people who were concerned perhaps that some folks were putting initials after their names or keeping initials after their names even if they hadn’t re-certified,” Mary Mack, ACEDS executive director, said.

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