ACEDS Partners Quoted in Legal Tech’s Predictions for Remote Working and COVID-19 in 2021 by Zach Warren

Dave Ruel, senior product manager, Hanzo: “In 2021, as it becomes safe for the physical return to the office, the infrastructure of collaboration will persist as a pillar of business productivity. Corporations will need to add to their playbook how to manage collaboration data risk which presents new challenges from information governance, e-discovery response, to cybersecurity and privacy. Having visibility and an understanding of what data you have and where it will become more important than ever for managing data risk.”

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Brian Schrader, co-founder and CEO, BIA: “With many more people working from home during COVID-19, a new question has opened up in employment law: If an employee and their employer are located in different states, which state’s rules apply? The answer could affect employees’ data privacy rights, overtime pay, vacation leave, unemployment benefits and severance pay. We expect this to be an increasingly occurring and discussed legal issue in the coming year and hope to see it resolved.”

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Tyler Young, senior manager, head of cybersecurity, Relativity: “In 2020 and beyond as we move to a more remote workforce, lawyers and law firm staff are more susceptible to cyberattacks now more than ever before. Threat actors have capitalized significantly on Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) and we can expect this to continue into 2021. As a result, companies will begin to decentralize their networks through reliance on Zero Trust practices, which will make it more difficult for threat actors to compromise entire networks and mapped file servers.”

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