Adam Breakey, Onna: Simplifying eDiscovery: 5 Ways Onna’s Google Workspace Connector Boosts Productivity

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Extract from Adam Breakey’s article “Simplifying eDiscovery: 5 Ways Onna’s Google Workspace Connector Boosts Productivity”

Managing data in Google Workspace can present distinct challenges, especially when it comes to data collection, preservation, and legal compliance. But with the right tools and strategies, organizations can effectively overcome these hurdles while simultaneously reducing their review expenses. 

Overcome eDiscovery challenges with Onna’s Google Workspace connector

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, brings together Google’s web-based communication and collaboration tools into one single product. For many organizations, this involves hosting an extensive volume of enterprise data on Google Drive. However, the limited control offered by Google Vault can lead to complex workflows and an elevated risk of overcollection. Inefficient management of these aspects can subsequently trigger spiraling costs and protracted review cycles.

Fortunately, Onna provides a seamless and secure connection to Google Workspace’s API through a no-code connector, facilitating integration with an organization’s Gmail, Drive, and Shared Drives. The use cases outlined below highlight how Onna empowers customers to tackle their Google eDiscovery challenges with ease

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