Aidan Macnab, Canadian Lawyer: How Injury Lawyer Charles Gluckstein Uses Generative AI, and Other Technology, in His Practice

Extract from Aidan Macnab’s article “How Injury Lawyer Charles Gluckstein Uses Generative AI, and Other Technology, in His Practice”

A technologically underserviced area, the legal industry is ripe for disruption, says Charles Gluckstein, managing partner of Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers. That is why he says legal tech is “exploding” right now. Among the tech innovations making the most waves in the legal profession and beyond, generative-AI-powered tools currently lead the pack.

Gluckstein’s firm uses generative AI in three ways: to summarize medical records, automate project management, and to perform legal research.

“I’m a fan of technology, and I like to experiment with different programs and bring them in,” he says. “I have adopted and experimented with as many as I think that are useful to our practice. I think of it at every stage of the case.”

This includes AI chatbots that help users navigate the website, and AI that assists clients fill out questionnaires which are then put into the project management tool. The project management tool has automated tasks that populate and remind various staff members of what they need to do. “And then, different AI will help them with their tasks,” says Gluckstein. For retrieving medical records, they use Medchart. The firm uses Filevine for case management, and it performs automated tasks such as texting clients, marketing, and tracking accounting documents. Filevine also builds analysis reports over time so that Gluckstein can track those records and outputs, and has built-in AI that summarizes documents, drafts questions for further information from clients and prepares questions for discoveries. It also has a document-assembly program that helps prepare precedent documents.

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