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Altumatim is a cutting-edge technology company that develops legal and investigatory solutions. With an official launch in 2022, by intellectual property attorney David Gaskey and data scientist Vasudeva Mahavishnu, Altumatim provides high-quality and innovative technology to assist legal professionals and investigators in achieving the best results in their matters.

Powered by Attorney Intelligence™, Altumatim is an all-in-one platform for investigations and discovery that seamlessly integrates complex technology into a user experience that is natural and enjoyable. Altumatim's patent-pending AI technology, embedded in every phase of the platform, learns from the user and quickly cuts through the noise and brings the most important information to the surface.

Law firms, corporations, and government agencies trust their matters with Altumatim. For more information about Altumatim, visit our website at or follow us on LinkedIn.