Amanda Fennell, Relativity: Introducing Security Sandbox: An Unconventional Cybersecurity Podcast

Extract from Amanda Fennell’s article “Introducing Security Sandbox: An Unconventional Cybersecurity Podcast”

Punctuated equilibrium.

I bet you didn’t think you would read that here. Punctuated equilibrium is the evolutionary theory that there are long periods of little to no evolution separated by isolated periods of intense growth. I believe this is as true for the security space as it is for biology.

I should mention I was an archaeologist before going into security—so it’s not far afield for me to look at this industry and recognize a time of rapid growth and evolution. I believe we are evolving due to environmental factors and accelerants in the form of advanced adversaries.

So how do species evolve quickly? They take advantage of what surrounds them in their everyday environment. Security professionals can do the same by seeking lessons from the broader world and using that inspiration to inform better practices.

Our latest project, inspired by this fun linkage of non-security topics and the security realm, is a new podcast. Security Sandbox takes lessons from our team members’ personal passions to inspire stronger, more creative security practices for professionals. In our inaugural season, we’ll be covering subjects from archaeology to neurosurgery—guided by special guests from within and beyond Relativity—in light of how they can inform security experts and inspire learning in new ways.

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