An eDiscovery Love Story by Kelly Twigger

Extract from Kelly Twigger’s article “An eDiscovery Love Story”

It’s eDiscovery Day.

Today marks 12 years and 3 days since the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended to provide for the discovery of electronically stored information. Those amendments effectively created the eDiscovery industry, and it’s been a roller coaster of a ride over those years.

I’ve loved every minute of it.

Here’s why.

We’ve seen the adoption of technology in the legal space at a rate that is unprecedented. For the first time in my 20+ years as an attorney, I don’t feel like we are 10 years behind the curve in advancing the law. Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve discussed previously, we have a long way to go to adequately address the legal issues that the development of technology has created.  Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data put front and center the need to address privacy and widespread misuse of information from individuals, yet our Congress has not acted to try and address it, nor do we really expect to see anything productive in the near term. Maybe some lessons from our friends in the EU are in order.

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