Apple’s New Security Features Impact Forensic Access

Dan Goodin (@dangoodin001), writing for Ars Technica, details several reported security features of Apple’s new operating systems, including reducing the time/number of password tries, encrypted Facetime, reducing web tracking via comments and like buttons and more.

“The feature, known as USB Restricted Mode, requires that users unlock their iPhone with a password when connecting to it a USB device. Motherboard said the beta requires a password each time a phone that hasn’t been unlocked in the past hour tries to connect to a device using a Lightning connection. The password requirement largely neutralizes iPhone unlocking tools provided by companies called Cellebrite and GrayShift, which reportedly use USB connectivity to bypass iOS restrictions on the number of incorrect PIN guesses can be entered into an unlocked iPhone. With those limitations removed, police can make an unlimited number of PIN guesses when attempting to unlock a confiscated iPhone.”

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