Avansic: Authenticity of Evidence, Document Authentication & More – Forensics Saves the Day

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Extract from Avansic’s article “Authenticity of Evidence, Document Authentication & More – Forensics Saves the Day”

For those who joined us for the webinar with Craig Ball last week, thanks for coming. For those that didn’t, you missed some great stories about eDiscovery transitioning to forensics – listen to the webinar here. Not to worry, though, we have you covered with this blog.

We gave a sneak peek beforehand and talked about a “man in the middle” attack – you can read that blog here. During the presentation, Gavin and Craig talked about three more examples of cases moving from eDiscovery to forensics. We heard from our webinar participants that their favorite story was the one about document authentication, so we wanted to expand on that here in the blog. We’re pretty sure that has to do with the Beatles reference… read on to learn more.

All this begs the question about what to look for when performing an eDiscovery review that would signal a forensics review is in order. Common mistakes made by those who forge documents are impossible dates (such as November 31st) or a date that’s correct but on a day that didn’t occur; for example, today is Wednesday, December 15th, 2021, but if someone is faking an email or contract, they might get the day wrong and say it was created on Thursday, December 15th, 2021.

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