Avansic: How Mobile Device Forensics is a Goldmine

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Extract from Avansic’s article “How Mobile Device Forensics is a Goldmine”

Mobile devices like cell phones and tablets are central to our daily lives. We use them to communicate by voice, text, and video and, in doing so, create a large amount of data. Essentially these devices are used like we use computers. Because they are so heavily relied on, they are an incredible repository of information for eDiscovery and investigation purposes.

Storage Capacity
Cell phones store electronic information, but it may seem as if their storage is limitless due to their ability to access synced, cloud-based, or application-based data. For example, Facebook has a large repository of pictures that aren’t stored on the phone but can be accessed almost anytime. Many mobile devices create temporary cache files for information accessed outside of what may reside on the internal memory, which can be useful in a forensics scenario.

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