Avansic: How to Know You’re Ready to do eDiscovery Projects Yourself

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Extract from Avansic’s article “How to Know You’re Ready to do eDiscovery Projects Yourself”

Ever found yourself saying that you can’t do eDiscovery tasks on your own, or feeling like you need to switch tools but there are too many roadblocks? You are more ready than you think, and we’ve put together a list of five reasons you can start taking more control of your eDiscovery process right now.

5 Reasons to Consider

1. I’m not good with technology

eDiscovery software developers have made great strides in recent years by making their tools much more familiar to anyone that uses social media or file sharing sites. Dragging and dropping raw native .DAT files to these tools is trivial. Similarly, there have been great strides in automated error handling and file type detection in load files as well. Much like when you drag and drop a file to a social media site, many eDiscovery tools know what type of media it is and can suggest words to describe the content. Many eDiscovery tools can even dissect load files and suggest where data can be put to be in the right place for the user.

2. I don’t do enough eDiscovery to justify learning a new tool

eDiscovery is becoming such an important part of modern legal practice that eDiscovery tools will eventually be as ubiquitous as word processing software. With subscription offerings that aren’t tied to the number of gigabytes being hosted online, eDiscovery can be used for as many cases as possible. Although comparing eDiscovery pricing is not easy, it doesn’t take more than one or two cases to show that subscription pricing is more affordable over project-to-project costs.

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