Avansic: How to Properly Display Text Messages for eDiscovery Review (Part 1)

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Extract from Avansic’s article “How to Properly Display Text Messages for eDiscovery Review (Part 1)”

Text messages are a significant part of communication in today’s world and one absolutely not to overlook as part of the eDiscovery process. In this two-part blog, we’ll discuss the different methods used to show text message conversations in eDiscovery review, whether they are forensically sound, and how to create an accurate visual display to show text message conversations.

Text messages can be hard to preserve, review, and show in court. After repeatedly navigating these challenges, we’ve written this two-part piece on how to handle some of the unique issues presented by these communications.

Why Can’t It Be Like Email?

A typical question about viewing text messages in eDiscovery is, “why can’t it be like email?” It is very similar in many ways since a message is sent to someone, is from someone, and contains content and perhaps attachments.

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