Avansic: How to Properly Display Text Messages for eDiscovery Review (Part 2)

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Extract from Avansic’s article “How to Properly Display Text Messages for eDiscovery Review (Part 2)”

Text messages are a significant part of communication in today’s world and one absolutely not to overlook as part of the eDiscovery process. In this two-part blog, we’ll discuss the different methods used to show text message conversations in eDiscovery review, whether they are forensically sound, and how to create an accurate visual display to show text message conversations.

Our last post discussed how email and text messages are similar yet different and the implications for processing and reviewing this data (to read the previous post, click here).

In part two of this blog post, we’ll cover the distinct details related to the review and presentation of text messages. Beginning with…

Are Screenshots the Answer?

It may seem that screenshots would work to resolve this problem, but unfortunately, not so. A screenshot is quite easy to alter, either by creating fake text messages on a device, sending fake text messages to a device, and other alterations that a viewer may not easily detect. This is why cell phone extractions using forensic methods are the most appropriate way to gather messaging evidence.

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