Avansic: Possibilities on the Horizon for 2022

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Extract from Avansic’s article “Possibilities on the Horizon for 2022”

Change is one thing the legal industry can count on, whether it’s the introduction of new technologies, improved workflows, shifting circumstances, or something completely unexpected (fingers crossed that’s not the case again!). We like to play our part at Avansic to help drive improved productivity, advancement of technology, and ultimately better results for you. As we reflect on what occurred along the way in 2021, it helps to shape a picture of things we see happening in 2022. So, here are a few predictions from our crystal ball…

Full-Service eDiscovery

We predict the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in two different ways. First, to facilitate the more efficient identification of key documents. Second, as a better method to minimize review sets through the use of near-dupe, unique document clustering, and email inclusive identification. Some of this AI will become more automatic, like spell-check is in word processing software; however, there will still be gaps in analytics algorithms and the presentation of those results to a user. This could make it difficult to compare one AI technology to another. For instance, the use of AI to minimize document sets will become more commonplace. 

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