Barry Schwartz, BIA: Production Protocols: Keeping the PRO in Production

Extract from Barry Schwartz’s article “Production Protocols: Keeping the PRO in Production”

Have you ever watched a sporting event where someone who thinks they’re going to win the race or score that touchdown starts celebrating early and then ends up losing? It happens in runningvolleyball and many other sports.

It also happens in eDiscovery. Sometimes companies make it all the way through the whole eDiscovery process, only to get hung up with production. They’ve spent a lot of time making sure data collection happened smoothly, that the data was culled correctly and that the reviewers found the relevant data. Everyone is feeling pretty good about the way their eDiscovery services are going. Then comes…Production. Dun dun duuuunnn.

Don’t let this last step of the process slow you down. Here are three key reasons to start using production protocols so that you can cross the finish line in style…and in time.

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