Ben Sexton, JND: How COVID-19 is Testing Business Continuity for Service Providers

Extract from Ben Sexton’s article “Coronavirus and E-Discovery: How COVID-19 is Testing Business Continuity for Service Providers”

Every SaaS provider has a written business continuity and/or disaster recovery plan in place to ensure minimal service outage or downtime in the event of a global health emergency. These plans are reviewed periodically and may even undergo simulation testing, but now, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is putting SaaS providers to the test. The good news is that the e-discovery world is in many ways more prepared than ever to handle a global health crisis.

Software, datacenters and service providers are dependent on people. People manage infrastructure, run collections, image phones, process data and review documents. Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, it is critical that we pay close attention to the evolving recommendations provided by the CDC and local governments. Quarantine and similar measures of precaution have the potential to disrupt the global economy, and e-discovery is no exception.

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