Bobby Malhotra, Munger, Tolles & Olson: AI Reflections: 5 Artificial Intelligence-Related Themes of Legalweek 2022

Extract from Bobby Malhotra’s article “AI Reflections: 5 Artificial Intelligence-Related Themes of Legalweek 2022”

After much anticipation and a long hiatus, Legalweek was back with a bang this year at the Hilton Midtown hotel in New York City. It was both refreshing and exciting to be back in person after two years of virtual conferences, and I had the honor of speaking on a few panels and leading several artificial intelligence or “AI” related workshops.

The application of artificial intelligence and analytics to the practice of law was a hot button topic and at the forefront of people’s minds this year. The conference was a perfect setting to cultivate new ideas on this topic since it brought together attorneys, industry experts and legal business leaders who are pushing the envelope in terms of adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning to legal practice. After several days of reflection from a jam-packed three-day conference earlier this month, I have synthesized five AI-related themes coming out of Legalweek 2022.

1. AI is here to stay: For over a decade, legal practitioners have been discussing AI’s potential to revolutionize the practice of law by providing lawyers the ability to sift through large volumes of data quickly to locate needles in a haystack. But this year felt a little different as we have moved beyond mere lip service when it comes to AI adoption.

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