Brian Schrader, BIA: 7 Steps to Make Your E-Discovery Process Pandemic and Recession-Ready

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Extract from Brian Schrader’s article “7 Steps to Make Your E-Discovery Process Pandemic and Recession-Ready”

While the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought the likely reality of a pending recession to the forefront, some world economists have been forecasting a global recession for some time. Whether it’s a cyclical economic trend, a pandemic or a global emergency, recessions are a recurring reality for which we should all be prepared.

For the legal profession in general, and e-discovery specifically, one of the biggest ways a recession is felt is through litigation budget pressure. To weather a recession, we need to be prepared to do more with fewer resources. Fortunately, legal technology has advanced significantly since the last recession, helping to meet that need. In fact, there’s no need to wait for a recession or emergency—you should consider adopting these approaches now.

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