Brian Schrader, BIA: eDiscovery’s Role in Corporate Internal Investigations

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Extract from Brian Schrader’s article “eDiscovery’s Role in Corporate Internal Investigations”

Here’s why you should leverage eDiscovery for corporate internal investigations.
Too many organizations treat corporate internal investigations and eDiscovery efforts as two separate domains, but the simple truth is that internal investigations and eDiscovery processes are not all that different.

Both processes involve the identification, preservation, collection, review and analysis of data, with the primary difference being the overall scope. In general, corporate internal investigations tend to be more focused, while eDiscovery efforts cover a broader range of people, data sources and data amounts. But the core processes are in fact quite similar.

Using separate teams and separate tools for each means missing entirely the opportunities for substantial cost savings, institutional knowledge re-use, and other efficiencies that result from unifying the two efforts.

Whether it’s data preservation and collection or review and analysis, leveraging your eDiscovery spend and resources to meet internal investigatory needs creates a more defensible, efficient, and repeatable process.

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