Burnout in Legal: Identifying and Tackling the Problem

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Burnout rates are high in the legal industry, and arguably higher in eDiscovery given the time constraints and technical complexity involved. A group of attorney and research volunteers called The Mind-Budget Connection™ (“MBC”) are tackling the problem head-on.

Rather than focusing on the symptoms of burnout, the MBC is focused on root causes, namely the way companies, law firms, vendors contract with one another. The idea is that budget-friendly pricing structures can create a “do more with less” dynamic leading to burnout and worse.

The MBC’s roadmap includes a white paper outlining the problem, supporting research, and potential solutions. Their first step is an anonymous industry-wide survey to gather data.  If you are involved in any facet of eDiscovery, whether in a corporate legal department, law firm, or vendor, please take 15 minutes to complete the survey. For more information, please visit the MBC’s LinkedIn page at

Amy Sellars on Email
Amy Sellars
Senior Counsel – Litigation at CBRE
Amy Sellars is Senior Counsel at CBRE and manages the Global eDiscovery and Operations functions. Amy has extensive experience in this space, helping to build eDiscovery and Information Management functions at Walmart and Cardinal Health. Most recently, Amy served as Legal Chief of Staff and Director of Legal Operations at SunPower Corporation. Amy is also an adjunct professor teaching legal operations and a member of the Global Advisory Board of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists. Before her career as a lawyer, Amy was a secondary school teacher and ran operations for arts non-profits and an ed-tech startup.
Chad Riley on Email
Chad Riley
VP Client Advisory at Sandline Global
Chad Riley is VP Client Advisory at Sandline Global, where he is responsible for business development and management of key client relationships. Prior to beginning his eDiscovery service provider career in 2013, Chad spent six years as a bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorney in Chicago. He received his B.A. in Journalism from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and his J.D. from the South Texas College of Law of Houston where he was the Managing Editor of the Corporate Counsel Review.

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