Caitlin Lilly, Zapproved: The True Cost of Manual Ediscovery: Part One

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Extract from Caitlin Lilly’s article “The True Cost of Manual Ediscovery: Part One”

In many cases (legal and otherwise), the DIY approach is often the most cost-effective way of accomplishing a task. There’s a reason why YouTube tutorials are so popular! However, there comes a point when the DIY ethos becomes a hindrance, rather than a help. For corporate legal teams, a manual ediscovery process is that point. With the potential for multiple terabytes of data to preserve, review, and cull through on any given case, a manual process is not only inefficient, it’s borderline impossible. Corporate legal teams are being asked to take on additional responsibilities even as budgets are trimmed. It’s more vital than ever that you find ways to control and predict the costs, and not just the obvious ones. There are also hidden costs that can add up fast. Let’s review some of the hidden costs of manual ediscovery.

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