Emerging Partner

Calloquy is the first remote litigation platform built for litigators. It is a safer, more secure, more intuitive, more efficient, platform designed for all stages of litigation. Calloquy was built by litigators who understand that when it comes to keeping data secure, the duties and challenges which attorneys face are numerous and multifaceted. Calloquy's gold-standard cybersecurity features allows you to approach them with certainty. Our layouts, with clear titles and traditional seating arrangements, mimic the look and feel of in-person proceedings and put litigators back on familiar turf. Additionally, meeting participants, evidence, and live transcripts all appear on one screen so you can spend your time advocating – not toggling between screens. Calloquy’s integrated evidence management system allows attorneys and paralegals to upload exhibits prior to a deposition, mediation, or arbitration where it’s protected until needed. Easily introduce, annotate, and share evidence for depositions and arbitrations. Our system will put you at ease, knowing you’re fully in control during even the most evidence-intensive cases.

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