Canadian Lawyer: Top 10 Legal Technology Trends in 2021

Extract from Tim Wilbur’s article “Top 10 Legal Technology Trends in 2021”

Legal technology has been evolving for many years, but the past 12 months have seen exponential growth in adoption. While some lawyers and firms were tech-savvy and innovative pre-COVID, the pandemic forced the rest of the legal profession to innovate by necessity. Firms shuttered their offices, paper documents were out of reach, and the justice system moved to virtual proceedings overnight.

Below are just some of the trends that emerged in the fastest technological shift for the legal profession in recent history.

Virtual conference technology

While video calls were not new when COVID hit, the widespread use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other video conferencing technologies both within law firms and with clients has exploded with the pandemic forcing everyone to work from home.

In addition to meetings, proceedings have moved online, with even high-profile trials taking place over Zoom. With courts adopting virtual hearing software like CaseLines, the trend of virtual hearings will no doubt outlast the pandemic and require new skills from litigators.

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