Casey Sullivan, Everlaw: New Government Space Provides Dedicated Platform for Collaboration and Connection

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Extract from Casey Sullivan’s article “New Government Space Provides Dedicated Platform for Collaboration and Connection”

A little under a year ago, the Everlaw Ediscovery Community was opened to all Everlaw users. The community offers a place for Everlaw users, whatever their role or background, to come together to enhance their skills, share insights, and connect with each other. With regular sharing of best practices, open discussion, and exclusive, members-only events, the Everlaw Ediscovery Community has become a place to build relationships and expertise for hundreds of legal professionals. 

Today, Everlaw is excited to announce the launch of the new Government Space in the Everlaw Ediscovery Community

This unique offering, built with the needs of government legal professionals in mind, looks to provide a dedicated place for collaboration and connection among U.S. government users, whose work can often feel siloed off from both the general public and other government professionals. 

The new Government Space seeks to break down barriers, to support increased collaboration across government agencies, and to facilitate open dialogue between U.S. government Everlaw users, in a private and secure environment. 

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