Casey Sullivan: Introducing Everlaw Clustering

Extract from Casey Sullivan’s article “Introducing Everlaw Clustering”

Too often, the “discovery” in “ediscovery” simply means “search.” Facing a large corpus of electronically stored information and often with no obvious place to start, legal teams search for critical information in ever-growing document troves—or simply review items one by one. The most daunting part can be just knowing where to begin, leaving legal professionals to rely on instinct.

True discovery promises far more insight than can be gathered via search alone. What if ediscovery technology empowered you to know where to look for important information? What if it enabled you to move quickly between broad patterns, spread over millions of documents, to individual pieces of data? What if technology empowered discovery to live up to its name, allowing fluid insights and delivering, finally, on the promise of unsupervised artificial intelligence?

Today, those “what if” questions have an answer: Clustering by Everlaw

Delivering on the Promise of AI

Today’s legal professionals are crafting the future of ediscovery now. With innovative technologies, from predictive coding to advanced analytics to Everlaw Clustering, they are forging new ways of working: connected, collaborative, and in the cloud

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