Casey Sullivan, Logikcull: Logikcull Named as One of the 14 Best Remote Companies to Work For

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Extract from Casey Sullivan’s article “Logikcull Named as One of the 14 Best Remote Companies to Work For”

Thanks to the internet, nothing is remote. Shapeless, formless, sometimes delightful and sometimes frightening, the internet has collapsed physical barriers and made it incredibly easy to connect across once-insurmountable distances. You can send a document (or millions) from London to Lahore in seconds, as though borders, customs, and time zones didn’t exist. You can read this blog from an airplane over Brazil or during a work break in Tokyo. And, thanks to cloud-based eDiscovery software like Logikcull, you can review documents, create productions, and collaborate on discovery from your office, your bed, or the beach.

Today, the world might not be flat, but it’s certainly more connected than ever before. And that’s allowed more and more of the workforce to leave the traditional workplace behind. Whether working from home full time or taking your laptop to a coworking space for a change of scenery, all many of us need to be productive is an internet connection and power source.

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