Casey Sullivan, Logikcull: The End of Load Files & a Better Way to Share

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Extract from Casey Sullivan’s article “The End of Load Files & a Better Way to Share”

If you’ve ever had to send or receive document sets during discovery, you know it can be a frustratingly inefficient and insecure experience. First, download the documents to your laptop. Then copy them. Then send them via email, or FTP, or (gulp) physical mail. Then the other party re-uploads the documents to their own platform, but only after fiddling for hours with the dreaded “load files”—which almost never play nicely with the new software.

It’s a terrible, painful process. And its days are numbered.

Logikcull recently released InstantReview, a secure, fast and free way to share and review documents where the data never leaves Logikcull. Think DocuSign, but for discovery.

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