Cassandra Tilson, OpenText: Collaboration Tools Are Critical for Digital Workplace Success

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Extract from Cassandra Tilson’s article “Collaboration Tools Are Critical for Digital Workplace Success”

The adage ‘two heads are better than one’ is just about always true. Enabling people to work well together is just smart business. Companies continue to put more productivity applications and collaboration tools at employees’ fingertips and to embrace flexible, modern work environments to support better ways of working. IDC’s 2023 State of Content Services Survey found that 58% of organizations invested in content sharing and collaboration tools in the past year, while 37% plan to invest in these areas over the next 12-18 months.

Yet if the tools meant to enable cooperation offer an additional repository for storing content or introduce new steps into existing workflows, they can cause teams and departments to work harder, not smarter. And business suffers as a result.

Digital friction not only hurts employee engagement, it can also negatively impact workplace productivity and the bottom line. According to Foundry Research, 82 percent of employees reported that technology-related challenges (such as complex workflows and data silos) caused department delays or missed deadlines and 58 percent reported lost business opportunities due to an inability to quickly access data.[1]

Let’s explore how workplace collaboration tools turn content, applications and workflows into a help, not a hindrance, removing friction to improve collaboration and the employee experience.

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