Cassandre Coyer: Can Firms Avoid Moving to the Cloud in a Generative AI World?

Extract from Cassandre Coyer’s article “Can Firms Avoid Moving to the Cloud in a Generative AI World?”

In many ways, the generative artificial intelligence buzz in the legal industry isn’t unlike a risky fashion trend. It’s hard to be the first—or last—to catch on, and all eyes are on the popular trendsetters to see how to do it best.

Many law firms have spent the past couple of months watching from afar, sometimes tapping their legal tech providers to ask about their plans to incorporate the technology into their solutions. But ultimately, some firms won’t be able to leverage large language models internally.

The reason? Many still heavily rely on on-premise tools stored in data centers—storage that some professionals say can’t handle LLMs.

The intersection of cloud technology and generative AI is one that could spur more cloud adoption going forward, industry experts say, especially for document-based solutions in e-discovery or document management. Still, many of the concerns that some firms hold about cloud migration can also apply to generative AI solutions, which could further widen the gap between the on-premise firms and the ones moving ahead with cloud-based infrastructure ready to integrate LLMs.

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