Cassandre Coyer: Could the E-Discovery Job Market Undergo a ‘Great Recalibration’ in 2024?

Extract from Cassandre Coyer’s article “Could the E-Discovery Job Market Undergo a ‘Great Recalibration’ in 2024?”

Two years ago, the legal technology industry was in the middle of its own “Great Resignation” period, with employees resigning from their jobs en masse. Before the scale had time to calibrate itself, the fear of a recession and a wave of legal tech layoffs tilted its lever in the opposite direction in 2023.

This year, after the industry experienced its very own generative artificial intelligence-induced renaissance, the e-discovery job market seems to be stabilizing.

On Jan. 30, TRU Staffing Partners released its 2024 e-discovery jobs report, dubbing 2024 the year of the “Great Recalibration” with an evened-out distribution of work between full-time employees and contract hires, continued demand for talent and growing opportunities for e-discovery job seekers, even those that don’t specialize in AI.

More Work for Non-AI Talent?

Though last year saw many e-discovery professionals brand themselves as AI experts or highlight their AI governance experience, this trend didn’t necessarily translate into a spike in hiring of AI talent in the e-discovery market, the report found.

This year may see a similar trend. The report noted that there will be a “standardization of role definition as it relates to AI” as opposed to an explosion of AI-related job opportunities. What this means in the near future is that the first impact of AI on the e-discovery job market will be felt by those that “do nothing that has to do with AI,” explained Jared Coseglia, founder and CEO of TRU Staffing.

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