Cassandre Coyer: Legalweek Day 1: The ChatGPT Effect, Finding Deepfakes, and More

Extract from Cassandre Coyer’s article “Legalweek Day 1: The ChatGPT Effect, Finding Deepfakes, and More”

The first day of LegalWeek 2024 showed that the industry has matured at an unprecedented pace over the last couple of months, whether it be with legal professionals continuing to explore generative AI-powered solutions or vendors working to release new secure, sophisticated features.

‘I Just Want to Ask A Question’

For many legal technology vendors, ChatGPT solved a years-long issue: getting legal professionals to experiment with emerging technologies. Overall, over a year since OpenAI’s chatbot was first released, many see its effect on the legal industry as positive, having spurred curiosity, excitement and thoughtful explorations of its legal use cases.

But the ChatGPT effect is also manifesting in other ways. For example, some vendors are seeing its influence on legal professionals’ expectations of what generative AI-powered tools can and cannot do.

“[Some legal professionals] come in saying, ‘Why can’t I just ask: find me everything I need and magically it comes back? I just want to ask a question and get it,’” noted Cristin Traylor, director of AI Transformation & Law Firm Strategy at Relativity.

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