Cassandre Coyer: Overheard at ILTACON 2023: The Biggest Legal Tech Trends and Challenges on Everyone’s Minds

Extract from Cassandre Coyer’s article “Overheard at ILTACON 2023: The Biggest Legal Tech Trends and Challenges on Everyone’s Minds”

Last week, ILTACON kicked off in Orlando, Florida, for its 43rd year with about 3,400 onsite registrants.

This year’s conference was marked by several standing-room-only generative artificial intelligence-focused sessions that looked to unpack some of the industry’s biggest questions around the technology’s use cases and limitations.

But last week also showed that the legal tech market is still grappling with older, ongoing issues, such as cloud adoption or unprecedented volumes of data in e-discovery.

Below, Legaltech News gathered some of the most telling quotes heard throughout the conference, either during meetings with industry experts and vendors or during sessions and keynotes.

“When they see a firm that is spending less on technology than other peer firms, they no longer consider that a good sign. There was a time that anything that you kept a tab on expenditure-wise was a good sign of a healthy law firm, and now they’re pointing out … your peers are spending more on the technology than you are.”

— Jay Nogle, Chief Information Officer at Greenberg Traurig, describing the increasing perception among G100 and G200 firms that technology spending is a new requirement to maintain a competitive advantage.

“One of our top Am Law 100 firms is mostly still on-prem.”

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