Cat Casey, Reveal: 13 Legal Tech New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping!

Extract from Cat Casey’s article “13 Legal Tech New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping!”

It is that time of year again, and no I am not talking about the ever-pressing longing to be back on vacation and preferably somewhere warm and sandy!  It is time for the ever anticipated, and oft-lamented, New Year’s Resolution! In our personal lives, these resolutions often entail eating healthier or getting more active, reading more, and binge-watching less, or learning something new.  While many of the vague new year’s resolutions we make in our personal lives may be a bit too vague or overly ambitious, what are some Legal Tech New Year’s Resolutions we can embark on today that will not be doomed to failure? 

1.) Go on a Data Diet

Resolutions on doing a couch to 5K or adopting a healthy diet to peel off the pounds gained because of Christmas cookies, Latkes, and eggnog are often broken before we reach the end of January.  Thankfully taking a data detox by evaluating retention policies, determining if there is an opportunity for defensible deletion, and revising policies around emerging data types can have a much more lasting impact. The ability of an organization to manage large-scale litigation or investigation is greatly improved by shedding unwanted gigs of data and the first step involves taking a good look at your current data house and determining if the right healthy policies and behaviors are in place.  

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