Cat Casey, Reveal: Lawyers Guide to AI Models

Extract from Cat Casey’s article “Lawyers Guide to AI Models”

When it comes to artificial intelligence and the law, many legal professionals find themselves feeling a bit like Andy Dwyer from the show Parks & Recreation. Many have a whole host of questions that seem so rudimentary that they are too afraid to ask. The result is many brilliant attorneys and case teams shy away from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered legal technology reshaping the practice of law altogether. 

Some may find it comical to surmise that legal practitioners from lauded rainmakers to first-year associates are simply luddites, but the reality is that lawyers are not wired, nor taught, to embrace the novel without thorough analysis. Legal professionals are by their nature a skeptical bunch with a tendency for risk aversion and a mind trained to run through all possible worst-case scenario options.

Unfortunately, for the folks playing ostrich, the legal industry is embracing AI tools and leveraging powerful legal tech to improve time to evidence, decision making, and document review at a break-neck pace.  Fear not my befuddled friends, this post will be the first in a series designed to demystify all things algorithms, machine learning, and Legal AI for lawyers and legal technologists alike.

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