Cellebrite: Increasing Efficiencies for Modern Data Collection & Preservation with Unified Collection Workflows [ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]

When collecting data from employee and custodian mobile phones and computers, corporate investigators and eDiscovery practitioners are spending critical time and resources keeping up with how to collect from all different types of devices and data sources.

The amount of data stored and where it is stored, whether on devices or in the cloud, is growing quicker than IT and systems administrators can keep up.

69% of employees note that the number of business applications they use at work has increased during the pandemic. *

With Cellebrite Enterprise Solution’s new unified collection workflow, corporate investigators and eDiscovery practitioners can create and define collections for any or all supported types from remote computers, remote mobile devices, and from supported cloud applications. Collecting from cloud applications is more streamlined than ever for corporate investigators and eDiscovery practitioners using QR codes for intuitive collection of chat data.

Join Monica Harris, Product Manager with Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions, as she showcases how unified collection workflows and cloud application collections will dramatically enhance corporations’ ability to create efficiencies with their data collection and analysis.

*source: https://www.oneadvanced.com/siteassets/resources/reports/2021-workforce-trends-survey-report.pdf

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