Cellebrite: The Shifts in Data Preservation: Unified Workflows and Beyond

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Extract from Cellebrite’s article “The Shifts in Data Preservation: Unified Workflows and Beyond”

Data collection and preservation have become increasingly pivotal across various sectors, most notably for legal proceedings, corporate investigations, and eDiscovery practices.

This blog takes a deep dive into the key takeaways from recent developments. We’ll explore how modern data preservation is changing, discuss the introduction of unified collection workflows, and delve into innovative approaches such as WhatsApp cloud collection.

Modern Data Preservation

Data preservation is no longer limited to traditional sources like emails and documents. In today’s digital age, it extends to mobile devices and third-party chat apps. Ensuring the integrity and accessibility of this modern data presents new challenges and opportunities.

Unified Collection Workflows

One of the most significant developments in data preservation is the introduction of unified collection workflows. These workflows simplify the process of gathering data from various sources, including mobile devices, computers, and cloud storage. They provide investigators with a comprehensive view of activities, streamlining the entire process.

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