Chris Dale Interviewed by Doug Austin of CloudNine

Extract from Chris Dale’s article “Interviewed by Doug Austin of CloudNine, I rant about GDPR marketing”

Among the out-takes on the virtual floor of our virtual video editing room are several clips of me interrupting interviews when people talk about the GDPR fines of up to 4% of global turnover. They are, I have to say, slightly embarrassing to watch as I lay into people to ask if they have something more constructive to talk about, and I apologise to them. They are not the real targets of what have, with some justification, been called my “GDPR rants”.

As I have observed here before, I have been known when moderating panels in the US to ask the audience to name the first thing that comes to mind when the GDPR is mentioned. Always it is the fines. It is time to move the discussion to the actual likely effect on businesses large and small, not ignoring the fines, but equally not implying that every organisation is at risk of being handed fines at the maximum level for the slightest default.

At Legaltech, I was invited to go and talk to Rob RobinsonDoug Austin and others from CloudNine. I don’t usually agree to such invitations from non-sponsors because they take me out of an already overflowing stream of things to do at Legaltech, but I have known Rob Robinson for many years and he gave me my first introduction to US eDiscovery writing. There was also an invitation to be interviewed by Doug Austin whose eDiscovery Daily Blog came top of the recent list of Top 60 eDiscovery Blogs and Websites for eDiscovery Professionals assembled by Feedspot (I wrote about it here) and I welcomed the opportunity to reach his wide audience.

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